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Princeton Center for Theoretical Science Postdoctoral Fellowships
Posted: August 22, 2016 | Princeton | WWW
We are writing to encourage you to submit nominations for the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science Postdoctoral Fellowships.

Center Postdoctoral Fellowships are the most prestigious postdoctoral positions offered in the theoretical sciences at Princeton. They are intended for early-career theoretical scientists, broadly construed, including the fields of astrophysics, biology, chemistry, geosciences, physics, and engineering. The nominees should be individuals with outstanding talent and accomplishment who are eager to broaden their scientific horizons. Fellows receive a three-year appointment in the Center fully supported by Center funds, an office in the Center facility, and have full freedom to develop their scientific interests with the support and mentoring of the senior Faculty Fellows. It is our intention that the Center experience will have a profound impact on the scientific development and future careers of the Fellows.

The deadline for receipt of the Postdoctoral nomination, reference letters, and supporting materials from the candidate is October 15, 2016 so it is important for you to submit your nomination as soon as possible to give your candidate and their references time to complete their parts.

The nomination process is very simple: go to our website

and submit the candidate’s name, email address, and a nomination letter. The candidates will then be sent information necessary to complete their application and to submit letters of reference.

The PCTS Faculty Fellows begin evaluation and invitation to interview on October 15, 2016. (The website will continue to accept late nominations and applications, but there can be no assurance they will be considered.)

The mission of the Center is to foster interaction and collaboration between theorists across the natural sciences at Princeton to enhance research and education. We pursue this goal through our Center Postdoctoral Fellowships and our sponsorship of focused programs of study in frontier areas in theoretical science that cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. A group of Senior Faculty Fellows, coming from a broad range of disciplines and departments, take active responsibility for guiding the intellectual life of the Center.

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