KICP Members & Students
KICP members have offices located in the Laboratory for Space Research (LASR), Astronomy and Astrophysics Center (AAC), High Energy Physics (HEP), and the Research Institutes (RI).

For further information, see the directories of the University of Chicago.
Senior Members
Bradford A. Benson
Phone: (773) 702-6452
Location: ERC 435
Marcela Carena
Phone: (630) 840-4593
John E. Carlstrom  
Deputy Director of the PFC and the KICP
Phone: (773) 834-0269
Location: ERC 341
Clarence L. Chang
Phone: (773) 702-7840
Location: ERC 333
Hsiao-Wen Chen
Phone: (773) 702-8747
Location: ERC 523
Juan I. Collar
Phone: 773-702-4253
Location: ERC 489
James W. Cronin
Phone: (773)702-7102
Location: ERC 469
Scott Dodelson
Phone: (773) 702-3369
Location: ERC 451
Joshua A. Frieman
Phone: (773)702-7971
Location: ERC 453
Michael D. Gladders
Phone: (773) 834-0392
Location: ERC 527
Nickolay Y. Gnedin
Phone: (773) 834-4388
Location: ERC 409
Luca Grandi
Phone: (773) 834-7659
Location: ERC 485
Salman Habib
Location: ANL
Katrin Heitmann
Location: ANL
Craig J. Hogan
Phone: (773) 702-7969
Location: ERC 443
Daniel E. Holz
Phone: (773) 834-3306
Location: Acc 213
Daniel Hooper
Phone: (773) 702-4197
Location: ERC 483
Wayne Hu
Phone: (773)702-0160
Location: ERC 439
Edward W. Kolb
Phone: (773) 702-0597
Location: ERC 481
Andrey V. Kravtsov
Phone: (773)702-4249
Location: ERC 415
Stephan S. Meyer
Phone: (773)702-0097
Location: ERC 339
Angela V. Olinto
Phone: (773)702-8206
Location: ERC 441
Stephen Padin
Phone: (773) 834-9786
Location: ERC 337
Paolo Privitera
Phone: (773) 702-2983
Location: ERC 473
Erik Shirokoff
Phone: (773) 834-5399
Location: ERC 433
Michael S. Turner  
Director of the PFC and KICP
Phone: (773)702-7974
Location: ERC 499E
Abigail G. Vieregg
Phone: (773) 834-2988
Location: ERC 429
Carlos E. M. Wagner
Phone: (773) 702-0767
Location: Acc 205
Scott P. Wakely
Phone: (773) 834-3249
Location: ERC 475
Robert M. Wald
Phone: (773) 702-7765
Location: Acc 217
Lian-Tao Wang
Location: Acc 202

Senior Researchers
Thomas M. Crawford
Phone: (773) 702-6452
Location: ERC 331
Richard Kessler
Phone: (773) 834-7941
Location: ERC 449
Kathryn K. Schaffer
Phone: (773) 702-1564
Location: ERC 331

KICP Fellows
Ritoban Basu Thakur
Phone: (773) 702-1653
Location: ERC 423
Alvaro Chavarria
Phone: (773) 702-7893
Location: ERC 487
Silvia Galli
Phone: (773) 702-7842
Location: ERC 437
Jason Henning
Phone: (773) 834-9785
Location: ERC 411
Austin Joyce
Phone: (773) 702-7842
Location: ERC 437
Nicole Larsen  
Location: ERC 423
Andrew Long
Phone: (773) 702-7893
Location: ERC 487
Daniel Scolnic
Phone: (773) 702-1653
Location: ERC 431
Christopher D. Sheehy
Phone: (773) 702-9751
Location: ERC 431

Associate Fellows
Amy Bender  
Argonne National Laboratory
Lindsey Bleem  
Argonne National Laboratory
Cosmin Deaconu  
The University of Chicago
Alex Drlica-Wagner  
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Ben Farr  
McCormick Fellow, Enrico Fermi Institute
Samuel Flender  
Argonne National Laboratory
Toshihiro Fujii  
Astronomy and Astrophysics Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics The University of Chicago
Jason Gallicchio  
The University of Chicago
Daniel Grin  
NSF Astronomy and Astrophysics Fellow, University of Chicago
Yann Guardincerri  
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Center for Particle Astrophysics
Geza Gyuk  
University of Chicago
Todd Hossbach  
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Zhen Hou  
Astronomy & Astrophysics The University of Chicago
Elise Jennings  
Nan Li  
University of Chicago
Andrew McCann  
University of Chicago
Hayato Motohashi  
University of Tokyo Research Center for the Early Universe
Nahee Park  
Enrico Fermi Institute, University of Chicago
Richard Saldanha  
University of Chicago
Mark Subbarao  
Director Space Visualization Lab, Adler Planetarium
Javier Tiffenberg  
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Particle Physics Division / Astro-Experiment
Amol Upadhye  
University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Physics
Vinu Vikram  
Argonne National Laboratory

Valeri Galtsev  
Sr System Administrator
Phone: (773) 702-4247
Location: ERC 495
Elena Galtseva  
Web Developer
Phone: (773) 702-7803
Location: ERC 495
Aimee Giles  
Travel & Symposium Event Coordinator
Phone: (773) 702-4338
Location: ERC 499A
Randall H. Landsberg  
Director of Education & Outreach
Phone: (773)702-7783
Location: ERC 405
Helen C. Pates  
Business Manager
Phone: (773)702-7848
Location: ERC 499B
Kevin Patterson  
Assistant to Michael Turner
Phone: (773) 702-9945
Location: ERC 499D
M. Ted Ressell  
Assistant Director
Phone: (773) 702-7977
Location: ERC 499C
Mary Wawro  
Financial Administrator
Phone: 773-834-8870
Location: ERC 325

Graduate Students
Zubair Abdulla
Phone: (773) 702-7839
Location: ERC 430
Asher Berlin
Location: ERC 590
Ross Cawthon
Location: ERC 448
Hsin-Yu Chen
Location: ERC 454
Ming-Han Chou
Location: ERC 470
Zoheyr Doctor
Location: ERC 454
Daniel Dutcher
Location: ERC 430
Michael Fedderke
Location: Acc 218
Chen He
Location: ERC 452
Sean Johnson
Location: ERC 526
Brittany Kamai
Location: ERC 426
James Lasker
Location: ERC 450
Cameron Liang
Location: TAAC
Andrew Ludwig
Location: ERC 436
Phil Mansfield
Location: ERC 416
Alessandro Manzotti
Location: ERC 448
Lee McCuller
Location: ERC 426
Laura M Mocanu
Location: ERC 329
Pavel Motloch
Phone: (773) 702-0162
Location: ERC 470
Tyler Natoli
Phone: (773) 834-9786
Location: ERC 329
Zhaodi Pan
Location: ERC 430
Jason Poh
Location: ERC 450
Bjorn Scholz
Location: ERC 476
Vadim Semenov
Phone: (773) 702-0162
Location: ERC 416
Evan Shockley
Location: ERC 476
Joshua Sobrin
Location: ERC 329
Nickolas Upole
Location: ERC 476
Jing Zhou
Location: LASR 211

Undergraduate Students
Jessica Avva
Marcin Burdzy
Aygul Galimova
Location: ERC 472
Hazal Goksu
Location: ERC
Jiaqi Jiang
Location: LASR 240
Milo Korman
Location: LASR
Jonathan Kyl
Location: ERC 488
Ariel Y. Matalon
Location: LASR 262
Atinc Cagan Sengul
Location: ERC 472
Thomas Wester
Location: HEP
Lily Ling Zhao