Christopher Tunnell

KICP Fellow

Ph.D., University of Oxford, England, 2013
Contact Information
Location: ERC 427
Ongoing Scientific Projects:
Currently in Committees
  • Friday Seminar committee

KICP Publications
2017 | 2016

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Search for Bosonic Super-WIMP Interactions with the XENON100 Experiment", arXiv:1709.02222 (Sep 2017)
  2. "The XENON1T Dark Matter Experiment", arXiv:1708.07051 (Aug 2017)
  3. "Intrinsic backgrounds from Rn and Kr in the XENON100 experiment", arXiv:1708.03617 (Aug 2017)
  4. "Search for WIMP inelastic scattering off xenon nuclei with XENON100", Physical Review D, Volume 96, Issue 2, id.022008 (Jul 2017)
  5. "Effective field theory search for high-energy nuclear recoils using the XENON100 dark matter detector", arXiv:1705.02614 (May 2017)
  6. "Search for WIMP Inelastic Scattering off Xenon Nuclei with XENON100", arXiv:1705.05830 (May 2017)
  7. "First Dark Matter Search Results from the XENON1T Experiment", arXiv:1705.06655 (May 2017)
  8. "Search for magnetic inelastic dark matter with XENON100", arXiv:1704.05804 (Apr 2017)
  9. "Search for Electronic Recoil Event Rate Modulation with 4 Years of XENON100 Data", arXiv:1701.00769 (Jan 2017)
  10. "DARWIN: towards the ultimate dark matter detector", Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, Issue 11, article id. 017 (2016) (Nov 2016)