Cosmin Deaconu

KICP Associate fellow, The University of Chicago
Contact Information
Phone: (773) 702-7862
Location: ERC 491
Ongoing Scientific Projects:
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Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Design and Performance of an Interferometric Trigger Array for Radio Detection of High-Energy Neutrinos", arXiv:1809.04573 (Sep 2018)
  2. "Measurements and modeling of near-surface radio propagation in glacial ice and implications for neutrino experiments", Physical Review D, Volume 98, Issue 4, id.043010 (Aug 2018)
  3. "Observation of Reconstructable Radio Emission Coincident with an X-Class Solar Flare in the Askaryan Radio Array Prototype Station", arXiv:1807.03335 (Jul 2018)
  4. "Constraints on the diffuse high-energy neutrino flux from the third flight of ANITA", Physical Review D, Volume 98, Issue 2, id.022001 (Jul 2018)
  5. "Dynamic tunable notch filters for the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)", Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, Volume 894, p. 47-56 (Jun 2018)
  6. "Measurements and Modeling of Near-Surface Radio Propagation in Glacial Ice and Implications for Neutrino Experiments", arXiv:1805.12576 (May 2018)
  7. "Constraints on the diffuse high-energy neutrino flux from the third flight of ANITA", arXiv:1803.02719 (Mar 2018)
  8. "Observation of an Unusual Upward-going Cosmic-ray-like Event in the Third Flight of ANITA", arXiv:1803.05088 (Mar 2018)
  9. "Antarctic Surface Reflectivity Calculations and Measurements from the ANITA-4 and HiCal-2 Experiments", arXiv:1801.08909 (Jan 2018)
  10. "Measurement of the real dielectric permittivity epsilon_r of glacial ice", arXiv:1712.03301 (Dec 2017)
  11. "Development toward a ground-based interferometric phased array for radio detection of high energy neutrinos", Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, A, Volume 869, p. 46-55 (Oct 2017)
  12. "The HiCal 2 Instrument: Calibration and Antarctic Surface Reflectivity Measurement for the ANITA Experiment", arXiv:1710.11175 (Oct 2017)
  13. "Antarctic Surface Reflectivity Measurements from the ANITA-3 and HiCal-1 Experiments", Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, Volume 6, Issue 2, id. 1740002-213 (Jun 2017)
  14. "Readout technologies for directional WIMP Dark Matter detection", Physics Reports, Volume 662, p. 1-46 (Nov 2016)
  15. "Characteristics of Four Upward-Pointing Cosmic-Ray-like Events Observed with ANITA", Physical Review Letters, Volume 117, Issue 7, id.071101 (Aug 2016)

Latest Conference Proceedings
  1. "Site Characterization and Detector Development for the Greenland Neutrino Observatory", Proceedings of the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2015). 30 July - 6 August, 2015. The Hague, The Netherlands. Online at, id.1150 (Jul 2015)