Elise Jennings

KICP Associate fellow, Fermilab

Ph.D., Durham University, 2011
Contact Information
Email: elisefnal.gov
WWW: Web Site
I am a computational cosmologist and am interested in large scale structure measurements which can constrain dark energy and modified gravity models. In particular I have worked on modelling redshift space distortions in both LCDM and non-standard cosmologies using dark matter simulations. These simulations allow us to determine the expansion history and growth rate of structure in the universe which are important ways to test the standard model of cosmology.
KICP Publications
2016 | 2015

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "A new approach for obtaining cosmological constraints from Type Ia Supernovae using Approximate Bayesian Computation", arXiv:1611.03087 (Nov 2016)
  2. "Biased Tracers in Redshift Space in the EFT of Large-Scale Structure", arXiv:1610.09321 (Oct 2016)
  3. "The DESI Experiment Part II: Instrument Design", arXiv:1611.00037 (Oct 2016)
  4. "The DESI Experiment Part I: Science,Targeting, and Survey Design", arXiv:1611.00036 (Oct 2016)
  5. "astroABC: An Approximate Bayesian Computation Sequential Monte Carlo sampler for cosmological parameter estimation", arXiv:1608.07606 (Aug 2016)
  6. "High-Precision Forward Modeling of Large-Scale Structure: An open-source approach with Halotools", arXiv:1606.04106 (Jun 2016)
  7. "CosmoSIS: Modular cosmological parameter estimation", Astronomy and Computing, Volume 12, p. 45-59 (Sep 2015)
  8. "Non-linear stochastic growth rates and redshift space distortions", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 449, Issue 4, p.3407-3419 (Jun 2015)
  9. "Velocity and mass bias in the distribution of dark matter haloes", Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 446, Issue 1, p.793-802 (Jan 2015)

Latest Conference Proceedings
  1. "CosmoSIS: modular cosmological parameter estimation", Python in Astronomy 2016, Proceedings of the conference held 21-25 March, 2016 at the University of Washington eScience Institute in Seattle, WA, USA, id.14 (Mar 2016)