Marco Raveri

KICP Associate fellow, The University of Chicago
Contact Information
Location: ERC 437
Talks, Lectures, & Workshops

Currently in Committees
  • Friday Seminar committee

KICP Publications
2017 | 2016

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Partially acoustic dark matter cosmology and cosmological constraints", Physical Review D, Volume 96, Issue 10, id.103501 (Nov 2017)
  2. "Neutrino Mass Priors for Cosmology from Random Matrices", arXiv:1711.08434 (Nov 2017)
  3. "Partially Acoustic Dark Matter Cosmology and Cosmological Constraints", arXiv:1709.04877 (Sep 2017)
  4. "CMB-S4 Science Book, First Edition", arXiv:1610.02743 (Oct 2016)

Past Visitors:
  1. Simone Ferraro, UC Berkeley (2017)
  2. Marko Simonovic, Institute for Advanced Study (2017)
  3. Adam Solomon, University of Pennsylvania (2017)