Argyro Tasitsiomi (U.Chicago)
"The detectability of DM clumps via Atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes."


High resolution N-body simulations reveal the survival of considerable substructure within galactic halos. Assuming that the predicted DM clumps are composed of annihilating neutralinos, we will discuss their gamma-ray detectability via Atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes (ACTs). Given the wide range of neutralino parameters, a large part of our results take the form of constraints on the supersymmetric (SUSY) parameter space. Thus, if clumps are detected first, e.g., through their synchrotron emission, their detectability by ACTs impose strong constraints on the SUSY parameter space. Alternatively, assuming that the neutralino parameters are figured out first, e.g., through accelerator experiments, our results constitute tests of the CDM model predictions with respect both the substructure in galactic halos and the density profiles of the substructure halos.

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