Predictions of Cold Dark Matter models on small scales:
current and future tests

July 31-August 2, 2002

Chicago, Illinois, USA


All talks will take place in Research Institutes building room 480

Wednesday, July 31

8:15am - 9am - breakfast (provided on location)

9:00 - 9:15am - Andrey Kravtsov - Welcome

Structure of DM halos: observational constraints (Chair: Avishai Dekel)

 9:15 -   9:45am  Stacy McGaugh, "Are Cuspy Halos Viable?"
 9:50 - 10:20am  Licia Verde "Abundance of dwarf galaxies and DM halo profiles from observed rotation curves"

10:25 - 10:40am  Coffee break

10:40 - 11:25am  Leo Blitz "High-resolution rotation curves of dwarf LSB galaxies"
11:30 - 12:15am  Discussion on rotation curves

12:15 -  1:00pm  Lunch and informal discussion (lunch will be provided on location)

 1:00 -   1:25pm  David Johnston  "Weak lensing constraints on halo bias models"
 1:30 -   1:55pm  Brian Yanny,  "Constraints on the shape of the dark halo of the Milky Way from SDSS observations"

Structure of DM halos: theoretical models (Chair: Joel Primack)

 2:00 -  2:25pm  Andrew Zentner, "Inflation, cold dark matter, and the central density problem"
 2:30 -  3:00pm  Neal Katz "Dynamical Friction: It's not what your father taught you!"

 3:05 -  3:25pm   Coffee break

 3:25 -  3:55pm  Avishai Dekel, "The Role of Feedback in the Formation of LSB/Dwarf Galaxies"
 4:00 -  4:25pm  Milos Milosavljevic, "Black hole mergers and implications for dark matter halo cores"
 4:30 -  4:55pm  Risa Wechsler,  "Consequences of Halo Assembly Histories for the Structure of Dark Matter Halos and Galaxies"

5:00-8 pm CfCP BBQ party (Lawn in front of Astronomy Department and LASR building)

Thursday, August 1

8:15am - 9am - breakfast (on location)

Structure of DM halos: non-CDM dark matter (Chair: Joel Primack)

  9:00 -  9:25am Pedro Colín "Is SIDM still a good substitute for collisionless CDM?"
  9:30 -  9:55am Oleg Gnedin "Self-interacting dark matter: the rise, demise, and afterglow"
10:00 - 10:35am Lam Hui,  "Unitarity bounds on self-interacting dark matter/
                            intrinsic ellipticity-ellipticity and density-ellipticity correlations in weak lensing studies"

10:40 - 11:00am Coffee Break

Observational signatures of dark matter (Chair: Joel Primack)

11:00 - 11:25am Kev Abazajian, "Direct Detection of Dark Matter in the X-ray"
11:30 - 11:55am Ben Wandelt, "Baryon-Dark Matter Interactions"

12:00 - 1:00pm  lunch and informal discussion on theoretical models/observational signatures of DM
      (lunch will be provided on location)

Observational signatures of halo substructure (Chair: Angela Olinto)

 1:00 - 1:35pm  Chuck Keeton "Detecting Substructure with Strong Lensing"
 1:40 - 1:50pm  Jacqueline Chen "Substructure lensing: effects of isolated clumps"
 1:55 - 2:20pm  Scott Dodelson "Detecting galactic substructure with CMB Lensing"
 2:25 - 3:00pm  Paolo Gondolo "Methods to detect WIMP streams and clumps in the halo"

 3:05 - 3:25 Coffee break

 3:30 - 3:55pm  Pasquale Blasi, "Multifrequency Brightness of Galactic Dark Matter"
 4:00 - 4:25pm  Roberto Aloisio, "Neutralino Annihilation in the Galaxy"
 4:30 - 4:55pm  Argyro Tasitsiomi, "The detectability of DM clumps via Atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes."
 5:00 - 5:25pm  Felix Stoehr, "The LCDM Milky Way: On substructure and neutralino annihilation"

5:30pm - 6:20pm  Observational signatures Discussion, Angela Olinto (Chair)

6:30pm - Workshop dinner at the Greek Islands restaurant (Chicago Greek town)
         bus to and from the dinner will be provided. On the way back the bus
         will drop people at both the Ramada Inn hotel and Wooded Isle suites.

Friday, August 2

8:45am - 9:30am - breakfast

Dynamics of bars: implications for structure of DM halos (Chair: Monica Valluri)

 9:30  - 10:05pm - Martin Weinberg "Bars, Cusps, and Cores"
10:10 - 10:45am - Anatoly Klypin "Secular bar formation in galaxies with significant amount of dark matter"

10:50 - 11:15am - Coffee break

11:15 - 11:50am - Jerry Sellwood "Dark Matter Halo Cores"
11:55 - 12:30am - Victor Debattista "Bar Pattern Speeds and the Density of Dark Matter Halos"

12:30 - 1:30 pm - lunch and informal discussion (lunch will be provided on location)

 1:30 - 2:50pm  - Bar dynamics: discussion, Monica Valluri (Chair)

 2:50 - 3:30pm  - "Where do we go from here?" concluding remarks by Joel Primack.

End of workshop

Friday night is free. We can give recommendations for restaurant/entertainment options.
A group of people are likely to go listen to some jazz or blues in the evening (venue TBD).