Center for Cosmological Physics
University of Chicago

Cosmological Probes of Dark Energy
13 - 16 December, 2001

Now available: Program with electronic versions of the workshop talks.

The inaugural workshop sponsored by the Center for Cosmological Physics took place on December 13-16 and was devoted to addressing the efficacy of various cosmological probes of dark energy, including SNeIa, weak and strong gravitational lensing, galaxy and cluster counts, CMB anisotropy, and the Alcock-Paczynski test. The workshop brought together experts to study and discuss the important details and systematics associated with these cosmological probes as well as new ideas or strategies.

The afternoon before the workshop, Edward Witten gave a highly successful public Colloquium which put the dark energy problem in a larger context of fundamental physics.

See separate pages for Schedule (now including electronic versions of the talks) and Participants.

Local Organzing Committee:

Contact: dark_energy@cfcp.uchicago.edu

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