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Cosmology Short Course for College Teachers
Bringing the frontiers of research into the undergraduate classroom
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The New Cosmology:
From Quantum Fuzz to the Accelerating Universe

Chautauqua Short Course for College Teachers
October 26-28, 2001



Quality Usefulness of the Course:
Excellent Good Average Fair Poor [no response]
Presentation of the Course Director 23 1 1
Contents of the Course 23 2
Quality of the Handouts 11 3 5 2 1 3

Should this course be offered again?  Yes: 25 (100%)   No: 0

Suggestions for Improvement:

• Some prerequisite background
• Follow up course for new data
• Provide lecture notes, handouts, CD.... ***reiterated by many***

In what ways do you expect this course to be of use to you professionally?
(Representative quotes):

"Personal Revitalization & encouragement"
"A zillion ideas for teaching"
"I will be able to give my students much better information than is found in their textbook, particularly with respect to the CMB and composition of the Universe."
"Improving my presentations to my Astronomy/Physics classes. Gives me more confidence that the current description of the early universe is really not a myth invented by cosmologists. Finally, I understand why Hawking said, 'The "discovery" of the fluctuations in the CMB was the greatest discovery of all time."
"I've had many things about current cosmological research and understanding clarified. I teach a course on the subject and include it in my astronomy teaching so it is directly relevant. Very very useful."
"I've learned a lot about the subject. Stimulated my interest and ability to convey it to students and go further."
"1) Deepened my basic understanding greatly; 2) Resources to take back to the classroom"

General Comments:

"People in charge really put themselves out - I'm impressed"
"This was an excellent program - very very well run with careful attention to detail and concern given to as much as possible. It was great that Michael Turner spent as much time with us as he did. All speakers were very well prepared. All seemed truly sincere in their desire to have us understand as much as we could. Thanks!"