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Vol. 1  No. 1— July 7, 2003


We are pleased to publish the first CfCP Newsletter. Following the advice of the CfCP External Advisory Board, we have decided to start a periodic newsletter to keep the CfCP community (particularly the students and fellows) up-to-date on activities and developments in our Center. The topics we will cover are:

If you have a news item -- especially a recent publication, a new scientific development, or other news -- please send an e-mail message to Helen Pates or Monica Valluri. Also, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions to make this a more useful medium of communication. If you received the newsletter by e-mail and do not wish to receive future issues, send us a message to that effect and you will be removed from the mailing list.

Best wishes,
Monica, Bruce, & Helen

Various people contributed to this newsletter in various ways. Thanks to Noella D'Cruz, Andrey Kravtsov, Randy Landsberg, Erik Leitch, Tiffany Miles and Simon Swordy for their contributions.

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New Visitors to the Center to top

The REU Students arrived Monday, June 16th and will be here through August 23, 2003. Please join us in welcoming them to the Center. You are encouraged to talk to them about your research and other CfCP scientific activities. Following are the names of the REU students, their affiliations, and office locations followed by their CfCP Sponsor.

  • Magdalena Eftimova, DePaul University - LASR 213 - Monica Valluri
  • Robynne Hooper, University of Texas at Austin - LASR 255 - Juan Collar
  • Fawn Huisman, Reed College - LASR 212 - Bruce Winstein
  • Elizabeth Kruesi, Lawrence University - LASR 252 - Stephen Meyer
  • Paul Oreto, Princeton - LASR 213 - Andrey Kravtsov
  • Hui "Bertha" Tang, Laboratory School - LASR - Marcus Runyan
  • Cristina Tcheyan, New York University - LASR 136 - Clem Pryke
  • Stephanie Wissel, University of Dallas - LASR 213 - Simon Swordy

New Scientific Developments and Highlights to top

sza telescope arrival in high baySZA Telescopes in High Bay

The first four SZA telescopes arrived in the high bay on Monday, June 30th.

For photographs of their arrival go to:

For more details of the SZA project go to:

(The SZA project is headed by John Carlstrom.)

veritas logo VERITAS Prototype Camera Installed

veritas in AZIn June the VERITAS prototype camera made its journey from the EFI high bay to the test site in Tuscon Arizona.

For an annotated slide show of the trip see:

For details of the VERITAS project see: or

(The VERITAS project at Chicago is headed by Simon Swordy.)

Latest CfCP Publications to top

We have begun placing hard copies of preprints of publications that appear on astro-ph in the Schramm Lounge. Below are a few abstracts of publications that have appeared in the last two weeks.

The Spectrum of Integrated Millimeter Flux of the Magellanic Clouds and 30-Doradus from TopHat and DIRBE Data
J. E. Aguirre, J. J. Bezaire, E. S. Cheng, D. A. Cottingham, S. S. Cordone, T. M. Crawford, D. J. Fixsen, L. Knox, S. S. Meyer, H. U., Norgaard-Nielsen, R. F. Silverberg, P. Timbie, G. W. Wilson

Is Cosmic Speed-Up Due to New Gravitational Physics?
Sean M. Carroll, Vikram Duvvuri, Mark Trodden, Michael S. Turner

Neutralino annihilation gamma-rays from clumps and the LMC
Argyro Tasitsiomi, Jennifer Gaskins, Angela V. Olinto

Upcoming Conferences/Workshops/Outreach Programs to top

There are no CfCP workshops of conferences scheduled this month.


Yerkes group 2002
Yerkes Summer 2002

From August 2–8, 2003, CfCP will hold the annual Yerkes Summer Institute for Chicago area inner-city high school students.

To learn more about past Yerkes Institutes go to:

If you are interested in participating in this year's Institute contact Randy Landsberg (

Other News to top

CfCP Associate Director Michael Turner has been appointed Head of NSF's Mathematical and Physical Sciences Directorate. His appointment is for a two-year term, after which we hope to see Michael back in Chicago full-time. Congratulations to Michael!

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