Evan Mayer

KICP Undergraduate student

Scientific Advisor: Erik Shirokoff

KICP Publications
  1. "Design and Performance of the Antenna-Coupled Lumped-Element Kinetic Inductance Detector", Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Online First (May 2018)
    P. S. Barry, S. Doyle, A. L. Hornsby, A. Kofman, E. Mayer, A. Nadolski, Q. Y. Tang, J. Vieira, E. Shirokoff
  2. "A VLBI receiving system for the South Pole Telescope", arXiv:1805.09346 (May 2018)
    Junhan Kim, Daniel P. Marrone, Christopher Beaudoin, John E. Carlstrom, Sheperd S. Doeleman, Thomas W. Folkers, David Forbes, Christopher H. Greer, Eugene F. Lauria, Kyle D. Massingill, Evan Mayer, Chi H. Nguyen, George Reiland, Jason SooHoo, Antony A. Stark, Laura Vertatschitsch, Jonathan Weintroub, André Young