Macarena Lagos

KICP Fellow

Ph.D., Imperial College London, 2017

KICP Publications
  1. "Strong Constraints on Cosmological Gravity from GW170817 and GRB 170817A", Physical Review Letters, Volume 119, Issue 25, id.251301 (Dec 2017)
    T. Baker, E. Bellini, P. G. Ferreira, M. Lagos, J. Noller, I. Sawicki
  2. "General theories of linear gravitational perturbations to a Schwarzschild Black Hole", arXiv:1711.01992 (Nov 2017)
    Oliver J. Tattersall, Pedro G. Ferreira, Macarena Lagos
  3. "A general theory of linear cosmological perturbations: stability conditions, the quasistatic limit and dynamics", arXiv:1711.09893 (Nov 2017)
    Macarena Lagos, Emilio Bellini, Johannes Noller, Pedro G. Ferreira, Tessa Baker