Conferences, Workshops, and Visitors
The KICP is situated within a national and international effort aimed at addressing forefront problems in cosmology and particle physics. The Conferences, Workshops and Visitors (CWV) MA connects our efforts to those of the larger community and in the process enhance both. Specifically, the twin goals of the CWV MA are to help facilitate the cosmological research of students, postdocs, and faculty at other institutions with the broad spectrum of activities made possible by our Center and to engage experts around the country in furthering the Center's science goals.

Locally, we host a colloquium speaker twice a month and a weekly series of more informal Friday lunch seminars, with both internal and external speakers. The Friday lunch seminar is organized by our Fellows. In addition, there are informal activities, including a weekly journal club (Thunch), periodic open group meetings and seminars, and three Postdoc Symposia per year. The Postdoc Symposium is a half-day series of informal talks, open to the larger KICP community, organized and given by the Fellows and Associate Fellows and used as a forum for them to present and discuss their current and future projects.

The Conferences, Workshops and Visitors MA's goals
Picture: The Conferences, Workshops and Visitors MAs goals
Summer School: Computational Cosmology, August 2013
The Conferences, Workshops and Visitors MA seeks to:
  • Organize several focused workshops on topics of strong current interest each year.
  • Create a vibrant to attract a variety of long- and short- term researchers.
  • Implement hands-on summer schools for junior researchers that build upon the interdisciplinary strengths of the Center and that go well beyond the standard lecture-based summer schools already available.
  • Organize major conferences on topics in cosmological physics.

Workshop participants ("Calibration of low energy particle detectors", September 2015)
In these activities, the KICP strives to be a national center for cosmology, to the benefit of both the broader community and the science. We work proactively to engage and involve the U.S. cosmology community in these efforts. Activities at the Center are broadcast to the community through a variety of avenues, including this website.

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