Jobs & Opportunities @ KICP
KICP Postdoctoral Research Fellowship
The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics awards postdoctoral research fellowships to outstanding candidates with a Ph.D. in physics, astrophysics, or related fields, with an interest in pursuing experimental or theoretical interdisciplinary research in cosmology.The application period for the 2019 KICP Postdoctoral Research Fellowship is closed. Please direct inquires to

Undergraduate Positions
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Undergraduates @ KICP

The KICP strongly supports undergraduate research internships. Local students who would like to work with KICP faculty should fill out the interest form to begin the process of securing a position at the Center.

Each year we also host students from a national REU program administered through the Department of Physics that specifically targets women and under-represented minorities.

Outreach Opportunities
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Space Explorers, students & instructors
The KICP's education and outreach programs offer many ways for members of the academic community to contribute and reach beyond the ivory tower. The Institute also encourages the participation of K-12 educators, museum staff, and others (e.g., members of industry, artists). The KICP has a dedicated person who can facilitate your involvement at any level. Our existing programs offer many possibilities (see Education & Outreach) and we are very open to new ideas and suggestions. Examples of ways to be involved include working directly with inner-city middle and high school students, participating in a residential science institute at Yerkes Observatory, creating electronic media for museums and the web, developing curricula, and mentoring students and K-12 educators.

Inner-City Enrichment Teaching Assistant: Each year the KICP typically supports one graduate student who organizes weekly hands-on laboratories and residential science institutes for local middle and high school students. This position is an excellent opportunity to broaden one's career and gain experience in classroom teaching and course design.

If interested in becoming involved in these existing programs, starting something new, collaborating, or just finding out more, please contact Ted Ressell, the KICP's Assistant Director, directly.

The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics has an active and well supported Visitor Program. The program is flexible to encourage the widest community participation, and because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Institute, it offers new and unexpected opportunities.
Visitors can include faculty-level researchers, postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and K-12 educators drawn from academia, national laboratories, industry, and even science museums and K-12 institutions. The KICP also provides an environment ripe for researchers who are changing fields or exploring new research directions.

If you would like to visit our Institute, please contact any of our members. They are listed, along with their contact information, on our People page.

To view past, current, and future visitors and their contact information, see our Visitors page.