PhD Thesis Defenses
PhD Thesis Defenses
September 24, 2020James Lasker: "Determination of the Volumetric Type Ia Supernova Rate Using the Full 5 Year Dark Energy Survey Photometrically Classified Sample"
June 5, 2019Zoheyr Doctor: "Hearing and Seeing the Universe: Results from Gravitational-Wave and Optical Studies of Merging Neutron Stars and Black Holes"
May 31, 2019Vadim Semenov: "How Galaxies Form Stars: the Connection between Local and Global Star Formation in Galaxies"
July 18, 2018Ross Cawthon, "Effects of Redshift Uncertainty on Cross-Correlations of CMB Lensing and Galaxy Surveys"
June 15, 2018Cameron Liang, "Multiphase Gaseous Halos around Galaxies"
June 4, 2018Pavel Motloch, "Topics in Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background"
February 8, 2018Zubair Abdulla, "Sunyaev Zel'dovich Effect Observations of X-ray Cavities in Galaxy Clusters"
October 16, 2017Bjorn Scholz, "First Observation of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering"
October 3, 2017Michael Florian, "Measurements of Morphology in Strongly Lensed Galaxies in the Image Plane"
July 24, 2017Alessandro Manzotti, "Unveiling the early Universe: delensing the Cosmic Microwave Background with galaxy surveys"
July 21, 2017Laura M Mocanu, "Measuring the cosmic microwave background gravitational lensing potential and its power spectrum with SPTpol"
June 19, 2017Chen He Heinrich, "Lensing Bias to CMB Polarization Measurements of Compensated Isocurvature Perturbations"
June 12, 2017Hsin-Yu Chen, "Multi-messenger Astronomy with Advanced LIGO-Virgo"
June 9, 2017Michael Fedderke, "Studies in Higgs physics, particle dark matter and early universe"
July 18, 2016Sean Johnson, "Studies of the relationship between galaxies and the inter/circum-galactic medium"
July 8, 2016Asher Berlin, "Phenomenology of Particle Dark Matter"
June 22, 2016Jonathan Richardson, "Experimental Constraints on the Exotic Shearing of Space-Time"
June 21, 2016Brittany Kamai, "Hunting for MHz Gravitational Waves with the Fermilab Holometer"
October 30, 2015Lee McCuller, "Testing a Model of Planck-Scale Quantum Geometry With Broadband Correlation of Colocated 40m Interferometers"
September 29, 2015Tyler Natoli, "A Search for Transient Sources in the First 100 deg2 of SPTpol Data"
September 1, 2015Jing Zhou, "Direct Dark Matter Detection with the DAMIC experiment at SNOLAB"
August 31, 2015Alan Robinson, "Dark Matter Limits from a 2L C3F8 Filled Bubble Chamber"
July 20, 2015Pierre Gratia, "Cosmology and Singularities in Massive Gravity"
July 13, 2015Louis Abramson, "Assessing and Understanding Diversity in Galaxy Star Formation Histories"
June 11, 2015Ke Fang, "Newborn Pulsars as Highest-Energy Cosmic Accelerators"
June 11, 2015Benedikt Diemer, "On the (non-)universality of halo density profiles"
June 11, 2015Jennifer Helsby, "Clustering-based redshifts for the Dark Energy Survey"
June 2, 2015Vinicius Miranda, "Probing Inflation with the Cosmic Microwave Background"
June 2, 2015Yin Li, "Cosmic Void Abundance in a Spherical Boundary Model"
April 30, 2015Youngsoo Park, "Combined Probes Analysis with Galaxy Clustering and Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing in the Dark Energy Survey"
March 5, 2015Kyle Story, "Measuring the Temperature Anisotropy and Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the South Pole Telescope"
November 11, 2014Alan Zablocki, "Constraining Neutrinos and Dark Energy with the Angular Clustering of Galaxies in the Dark Energy Survey"
October 8, 2014Nicole Fields, "CosI: Development of a Low Threshold Detector for the Observation of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering"
July 18, 2014Eric Baxter, "Measuring Gravitational Lensing of the Cosmic Microwave Background by Galaxy Clusters"
September 26, 2013Alissa Bans, "Large-scale Magnetic Fields in Protoplanetary Disks"
August 30, 2013Abigail Crites: "A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization with SPTpol"
July 15, 2013Yeunjin Kim: "The effect of the nuclear burning during the deflagration on the final observables in Supernovae type Ia"
June 25, 2013Christopher Williams: "A Search For Microwave Emission From Cosmic Ray Air Showers"
May 31, 2013Denis Erkal: "Investigating the Physics and Environment of Lyman Limit Systems in Cosmological Simulations"
May 28, 2013Lindsey Bleem: "A Multi-Wavelength Study of Optically Selected Galaxy Clusters from the Blanco Cosmology Survey"
May 16, 2013Matthew Becker: "CALCLENS: Weak Lensing Simulations for Large-Area Sky Surveys and Second-Order Effects in Cosmic Shear Power Spectra"
October 29, 2012Christopher Greer, "Calibrating Optical Richness using Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Observations"
August 3, 2012Melanie Simet: "Galaxy cluster center detection methods with weak lensing"
July 20, 2012Samuel Leitner: "The Star Formation History of Disk Galaxies & Implications for Simulations"
July 10, 2012Christopher Kelso: "Recent Results in Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiments"
July 3, 2012Eva Wuyts: "A Magnified View of High Redshift Star Formation"
June 8, 2012Immanuel Buder: "Measurement of the CMB Polarization at 95 GHz from QUIET"
April 30, 2012Hao Huan: "Cosmic Gamma-Ray Propagation as a Probe for Intergalactic Media and Interactions"
October 20, 2011Florin Ionita: "A Study of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Composition and Hadronic Interactions with Data from the Pierre Auger Observatory"
July 20, 2011Megan Gralla, "Radio Sources in Galaxy Clusters"
July 20, 2011Cora Dvorkin, "On the Imprints of Inflation in the Cosmic Microwave Background"
July 18, 2011Zosia Krusberg, "The phenomenology of maverick dark matter"
July 18, 2011Matthew Bayliss, "Broadband Photometry of 105 Giant Arcs: Redshift Distribution Constraints and Implications for Giant Arc Statistics"
July 14, 2011Jean-Rene Gauthier, "A comprehensive study of the cool gas content of massive dark matter halos"
June 6, 2011Alison Brizius, "Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Polarization Anisotropy at 40 GHz and 90 GHz with the Q/U Imaging Experiment (QUIET)"
December 1, 2010Matthew Szydagis, "Dark Matter Limits from a 15 kg Windowless Bubble Chamber"
November 1, 2010Ryan Keisler, "Measurements of Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy with the South Pole Telescope"
June 21, 2010Colin Bischoff, "Observing the Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Anisotropy at 40 GHz with QUIET"
June 1, 2010Felipe Marin, "The large-scale three-point correlation function of SDSS luminous red galaxies"
March 31, 2010Stephanie A. Wissel, "Observations of Direct Cerenkov Light in Ground-Based Telescopes and the Flux of Iron Nuclei at TeV Energies"
March 18, 2010Valentin Kostov, "Average luminosity distance in inhomogeneous universes"
November 5, 2009Thomas Downes, " The population of submillimeter galaxies and its impact on the detection of the Sunyaev-Zel'Dovich Effect"
November 2, 2009Joaquin D. Vieira, "Extragalactic point source statistics measured with the South Pole Telescope"
August 31, 2009Phil Barbeau, "Neutrino and astroparticle physics with P-type point contact high purity germanium detectors"
July 28, 2009Tonia Venters, "Cascades of VHE Gamma Rays from Blazars and the Extragalactic Gamma-ray Background"
July 21, 2009Robert Friedman, "Measuring the Small Angular Scale Anisotropy with the QUaD Telescope"
July 15, 2009Michael Mortonson, "Testing flatness of the universe with probes of cosmic distances and growth"
June 12, 2009Fabian Schmidt, "Structure Formation in Braneworld Cosmology"
August 1, 2008Sarah Hansen, "Correlating Optical and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Measurements of Galaxy Clusters in the SZA Survey"
July 31, 2008Carlos Cunha, "Cross-Calibration of Cluster Mass-Observables and Dark Energy"
July 29, 2008Marcos Lima, "Non-linear Structure in Modified Action Theories of Gravity"
July 28, 2008Matthew Sharp, "Measuring small-scale anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array"
July 28, 2008Benjamin E. Dilday, "Type Ia supernova rate studies from the SDSS-II Supernova Study"
July 24, 2008Charles Shapiro, "The effects of neglecting reduced shear on dark energy constraints from three-dimensional weak lensing methods"
June 13, 2008Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins, "Revealing dark matter substructure with anisotropies in the diffuse gamma-ray background"
June 5, 2008Hiroaki Oyaizu, "N-body simulations of modified gravity"
December 7, 2007Keith W. Vanderlinde, " New measurements from the CAPMAP experiment of the CMB E-mode power spectrum at high multipoles, and new limits on B-mode power"
October 29, 2007Douglas Rudd, "Scatter in the Galaxy Cluster Mass-Observable Relations"
August 24, 2007Andrew Puckett, " A catalog of slow-moving objects extracted from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Compilation and applications"
July 27, 2007Kendrick Smith, "Cosmic Microwave Background Analysis for CAPMAP and Future Experiments"
July 5, 2007Jonathan Mitchell, "The Climate Dynamics of Titan"
May 30, 2007Ignacy Sawicki, "Modified gravity as dark energy"
October 26, 2006Nicolas G. Busca, "The ultra high energy cosmic ray flux from the southern Pierre Auger Observatory data"
August 23, 2006Jacqueline Chen, "The Galaxy Cross-Correlation Function as a Probe of the Spatial Distribution of Galactic Satellites"
July 31, 2006Eun-Joo Ahn, "Early stages of ultra high energy cosmic ray air showers as a diagnostic of exotic primaries"
July 24, 2006Eduardo Rozo, "Cosmological Constraints from Photometrically-Selected Cluster Catalogs"
July 19, 2006Zhaoming Ma, "Matter Power Spectrum 101"
July 2, 2006Eric T. Linton, "A search for primordial black holes and a study of spectral variation in Markarian 421 using the Whipple 10-M telescope"
October 20, 2005Argyro Tasitsiomi, "Lyman-alpha radiative transfer in cosmological simulations and application to a z [approximate] 8 Ly-alpha emitter"
August 18, 2005Vikram Duvvuri, "Modified-Gravity as an Alternative to Dark Energy"
July 22, 2005Daisuke Nagai, "Sunyaev-Zeldovich Scaling Relations in Cosmological Cluster Simulations"
June 15, 2005Samuel LaRoque, "Constraints on Cluster Structure & Cosmology from X-ray and Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Properties of Galaxy Clusters"
January 14, 2005Jennifer Chen, "Probing scalar couplings through tests of the equivalence principle"
August 11, 2004Takemi Okamoto, "Effects of instrumental noise on CMB lensing reconstruction"
July 14, 2004Eugene Lim, "Can We See Lorentz-Violating Vector Fields in the CMB?"
December 12, 2003David Johnston, " Measuring the galaxy-galaxy-mass three-point correlation function with weak gravitational lensing"
December 11, 2003John Kovac, "Detection of polarization in the cosmic microwave background using DASI"
June 26, 2003Thomas Crawford, "Mapping the Southern Polar Cap with a Balloon-borne Millimeter-wave Telescope"
June 3, 2003Craig Wiegert, "Constraining compact dark matter with quasar equivalent widths from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Early Data Release"