KICP Lectures, Talks, & Events
KICP Lectures, Talks, & Events
October 24, 2019Broader Horizons: Ryan Keisler, Descartes Labs
October 21, 20192nd Annual John A Simpson Lecture - Alan Watson
May 23, 2019IDEA Day - Inclusion, Diversity and Equity in Astronomy
May 9, 2019The Excited State - Improv Comedy Show feat. Prof. Brian Nord PhD
April 25, 2019Broader Horizons: Nicole Larsen, AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
March 7, 2019Broader Horizons: Stephen Hoover, Civis Analytics
December 11, 2018Astronomy on Tap
December 6, 2018Physics colloquium: Abigail Vieregg, "Discovering the Highest Energy Astrophysical Neutrinos Using a Radio Phased Array"
October 11, 2018Physics colloquium: Stephan Meyer, University of Chicago, "Physics is for Everyone"
October 1, 2018EFI colloquium: Erik Shirokoff, "Exploring the early Universe (and fundamental physics) with intensity mapping"
September 29 - November 17, 201888nd Compton Lectures: Amy Lowitz, "Nuts and Bolts Cosmology"
July 21, 2018Soapbox Science
May 29, 2018KICP/A&A Education and Public Outreach Celebration and Open House
May 24, 2018Broader Horizons: Jennifer Helsby, Freedom of the Press Foundation
April 12, 2018Broader Horizons: Matthew Lightman, data scientist lead at JPMorgan Chase in Chicago
March 5 - 7, 2018CMB-S4 Collaboration Workshop
March 2, 2018Astronomy & Astrophysics Open House
February 1, 2018Daniel Holz, UChicago, "GW170817: Hearing and Seeing a Binary Neutron Star Merger"
November 16, 2017Broader Horizons: Andrew Smith, a senior scientist at Exponent
October 31, 2017Symposium: Celebrating 50 years of Fermilab-UChicago Collaboration
October 17, 2017Public Lectures & Open Discussion: Gravitational Waves & Transient Astronomy
October 16, 2017Special KICP/EFI/Physics/A&A Colloquium and Reception
October 4, 2017Round table discussion with artist Tomas Saraceno
September 26, 2017KICP Jamboree
September 7 - 8, 2017RosnerFest - a 70th birthday celebration for Robert Rosner
August 2, 2017Midweek on the Midway: Escape from planet Earth
June 20, 2017Michael Turner, "The origin of our universe: what we know for sure and the big mysteries"
May 31, 2017Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, "NASA Science Missions"
May 3, 2017Computations in Science Seminar: Daniel Scolnic, "Measuring the size of the Universe with Standard Candles"
April 17, 2017Cafe Scientifique: Abby Vieregg, "Turning a Continent into a Telescope"
April 12, 2017Astronomy on Tap: Zoheyr Doctor, "100 Years in the Making: The Detection of Gravitational Waves"
April 10, 2017Broader Horizons: Nicole Fields, a health physicist at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
April 8, 2017Film Screening and Discussion: "Hidden Figures"
March 29, 2017Rocky Kolb and Michael Turner: "How Fermilab changed the course of cosmology"
February 28, 2017Daniel Holz, "Gravitational Waves"
February 9, 2017C2ST Public Lecture: Edward W. Kolb, "From Quarks to the Cosmos"
February 1, 2017Computations in Science Seminar: Joshua A Frieman, "The Dark Energy Survey"
January 16, 2017On MLK Day King College Prep Cosmology Club Explores Dark Matter
October 27, 2016Physics colloquium: Carlos Wagner, University of Chicago, "Understanding the Origin of Mass and Matter"
September 30 - October 1, 2016A Celebration of the Life and Work of James W. Cronin
September 26, 2016EFI colloquium: John Carlstrom, "Cosmic Microwave Background measurements through the Next Decade"
September 23, 2016Screening & Discussion: STARMEN
July 31, 2016The 2016 Summer Kavli Fulldome Lecture: Michael Turner, "From The Big Bang To The Multiverse And Beyond"
June 1, 2016The Future of Cosmological Physics: Scott Dodelson, "Cosmic Coda"
May 19, 2016Broader Horizons: Korey Haynes, associate editor at Astronomy Magazine
March 2, 2016Computations in Science Seminar: Daniel Hooper, Fermilab, "Uncovering the particle nature of dark matter"
February 16, 2016C2ST Speakeasy: Ritoban Basu Thakur, "Dark Matter -- The Dark Path to our Being"
February 11, 2016LIGO update on the search for gravitational waves
November 17 - 18, 2015AstroChicago 123
October 24, 2015Michael S. Turner, "The Realm of Mystery"
October 21, 2015Discussion on the Mid-Decadal review, "New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics"
October 16, 2015Sexual Harassment discussion
September 18, 2015KICP at the Council for Opportunity in Education conference
July 28, 2015WorldWide Telescope: A Professional and Public Visualization Tool
June 17, 2015Computations in Science Seminar: Marilena Loverde, University of Chicago, "Cosmic Structure As a Probe of the History of the Universe"
June 16, 2015Adler Brown Bag Lunch Seminar: Daniel Grin, "Astrophysics to older adults"
May 30, 201581st Compton Lectures: Andrew McCann, "Nature's Timepiece: The Exotic World of Pulsars"
May 30, 2015Chicago Science Fest: The Mysteries of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Accelerating Universe
May 29, 2015World Science Festival Salon: "Dark Energy: Measuring a Mystery"
May 28, 2015World Science Festival Live Stream viewing and discussion: "To Infinity and Beyond: The Accelerating Universe"
May 26, 2015All Chicago Cosmology Colloquium: Carlos Frenk, Durham University, "The vicissitudes of the cold dark matter model of cosmology"
May 19, 2015SWIP/KICP Pizza with Professors
May 7, 2015Harper Lecture: Stephan Meyer, "Researching the Universe in Antarctica"
April 27, 2015Cosmosis Conversation: "The Artist and Scientist: Understanding Our Universe and Place Within featuring Sarah and Joseph Belknap + Jacob Bean"
April 16, 2015Cosmosis Conversations: "The Artist and Scientist: Understanding Our Universe and Place Within featuring Jeremy Bolen & Juan Collar"
April 12, 2015Harper Lecture: Edward W. "Rocky" Kolb, "Brave New Worlds"
April 7, 2015Broader Horizons: Krista Martocci, Software Engineer @ Gro Intelligence
March 17, 2015Broader Horizons: Reid Sherman, "Career Phase Transition: Finding work in science policy"
March 9, 2015NSF's Google Hangout with KICP
March 6, 2015Astronomy Open House for Prospective Graduate Students
March 3, 2015Broader Horizons: Stephen Hoover, Civis Analytics
February 23, 2015Mark SubbaRao, Adler Planetarium, "The Future of the Planetarium"
February 13, 2015The Cabinet: Cosmos
February 9, 2015All Chicago Cosmology Colloquium: Alexander Szalay, Johns Hopkins University, "Baryon Acoustic Oscillations and Redshift Space Distortions"
January 22, 2015<i>Physics colloquium:</i> John Carlstrom, University of Chicago, "Physics and Cosmology with the Cosmic Microwave Background"
January 15, 2015Physics colloquium: Marcela Carena, University of Chicago, "Particle Physics after the Higgs"
November 18, 2014Broader Horizons: Ali Vanderveld, Data Scientist at Groupon
October 4 - December 13, 201480th Compton Lectures: Tim Linden, "Shining Light on the Dark Side of the Universe"
September 29, 2014KICP Welcome Event and Jamboree
September 29, 2014<i>Special seminar:</i> BICEP2/B-Mode update
September 19, 2014Cinema Slapdown Round 53: Gravity
June 12, 2014519th UChicago Convocation: honoring Wendy L. Freedman
April 18, 2014Kavli Foundation Webcast: Secrets of the Universe's First Light
April 7, 2014Broader Horizons: Kathryn Schaffer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
April 5 - June 7, 201479th Compton Lectures: Elise Jennings, "Cosmic Cartography - Exploring an Expanding Universe"
March 19, 2014BICEP2 extravaganza
March 10, 2014Statistics Colloquium: Josh Frieman, Fermilab and the University of Chicago, "Probing Cosmic Acceleration with the Dark Energy Survey: Statistical Challenges and Big Data in Cosmology"
March 8, 2014Mi Galaxia es Su Galaxia - My Galaxy is Your Galaxy
March 6, 2014Physics colloquium: Juan Collar, "Present status of direct searches for dark matter"
February 20, 2014Adler After Dark: Bradford Benson, "Unveiling the Dark Universe with the South Pole Telescope"
November 21, 2013Physics colloquium: Craig Hogan, "Macroscopic Quantum Geometry: Testing the Fidelity of Space-time with Interferometry"
November 19, 2013KICP Astroparticle Seminar: George Fuller, UCSD, "Frontiers of Neutrino Physics and Cosmology"
November 18, 2013Cafe Scientifique: Benson Farb, "Through the Looking Glass: The Strange World Behind the Mirror"
October 24, 2013Physics colloquium: Daniel Hooper, "Dark Matter Annihilation in the Gamma-Ray Sky"
October 18, 2013KICP at GLPA Conference: Bradford Benson, Lindsey Bleem, Randall H. Landsberg, & Mark SubbaRao, "Unmasking the Universe with the CMB, Nature's Ultimate Backlight"
October 10, 2013Physics colloquium: Daniel Holz, "Listening to the Universe with gravitational wave astrophysics"
October 7, 2013KICP Jamboree/Welcome Event
September 12, 2013Art & Science: Stephen Hoover, "Light from the beginning of the Universe"
August 22, 2013Live Google Hangout: "Dark Energy: On the Brink of Discovery?"
July 11, 2013Art & Science: Alvaro Chavarria, "Taking photographs in the dark"
June 5, 2013Live webcast: "The Hunt for Distant Galaxies"
June 4, 2013Broader Horizons: Jessica Kirkpatrick, data scientist / analyst for the social network Yammer
May 13, 2013Broader Horizons: Maria Cruz, Editor at Science
April 17, 2013Ryerson Lecture: Michael S. Turner, "Quarks and the Cosmos"
March 29, 2013Interview with John Carlstrom, "Witnessing Starbursts in the Early Universe"
March 1, 2013Astronomy Open House
February 19, 2013SWIP/KICP Pizza with Professors
February 5, 2013The Artful Universe with cosmologist Michael S. Turner
December 11, 2012Special EFI Seminar: Pedro Facal, University of Chicago, "Radio-detection of ultra high energy cosmic rays"
November 14, 2012Kavli Foundation President Robert Conn visits the KICP
November 8, 2012Dietrich Muller, University of Chicago, "HUNDRED YEARS OF COSMIC RAYS: Some Reflections on the Research in Chicago"
October 12, 2012Webcast with Josh Frieman, "Can a New Camera Unravel the Nature of Dark Energy?"
October 11, 2012John Carlstrom, "Exploring the Universe from the Bottom of the World"
October 9, 2012KICP Welcome Reception
September 14, 2012Bradford Benson: "The Ends of the Earth & the Beginning of the Universe: The Big Bang, Dark Energy & the South Pole"
August 15, 2012NASA Teleconference About Record-Breaking Galaxy Cluster
June 14, 2012Science in the Second City
June 7, 2012Special colloquium: Geoff Marcy, Honorary Degree Recipient, "ExoPlanets: From Jupiters to Earths"
May 22, 2012Broader Horizons: Francis Slakey, Georgetown University
April 23, 2012Cafe Scientifique: Brad Benson, "The Ends of the Earth & the Beginning of the Universe: The Big Bang, Dark Energy & the South Pole"
April 23, 2012HEP seminar: Maria Monasor, University of Chicago, "Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory"
April 20, 2012John Carlstrom, "Exploring the Universe from the Bottom of the World"
April 2, 2012EFI Colloquium: Don Lamb, University of Chicago, "Scientific Discovery Through Large-Scale Computer Simulations: Type Ia Supernovae and High Energy Density Physics Experiments"
March 30 - April 1, 2012KICP @ 2012 NSTA National Conference on Science Education "At the Crossroads for Science Education"
March 2, 2012Astronomy Open House
February 27, 2012Broader Horizons: Kim Coble, Chicago State University, "Teaching and Research at an Urban Comprehensive University"
February 20, 2012SWIP/KICP Pizza with Professors
January 18, 2012Meg Urry, Yale University, "Women in Science: Why So Few?"
January 10, 2012Broader Horizons: Jeff Bezaire, Jump Trading
January 9, 2012EFI Colloquium: Eric Dahl, "The COUPP Dark Matter Search- Results from the First Year of Deep Underground Running at SNOLAB"
December 14, 2011Astronomy Conversation @ Adler Planetarium
November 7, 2011EFI Colloquium: Andrey Kravtsov, "The chemistry of galaxy formation"
October 31, 2011John Mather, NASA, "James Webb Space Telescope: Science Opportunities and Mission Progress"
October 23, 2011Chicago Humanities Festival: Rocky Kolb, "Telescopes: The Long Lens of History"
October 20, 2011KICP at GLPA Conference: Randall H. Landsberg, Tom Plagge, Mark SubbaRao, Fredrick W. High, "The Hunt for Dark Energy"
October 1 - December 10, 201174th Compton Lectures: Mark Wyman, "Before the beginning to after the end"
June 20, 2011Cafe Scientifique: Chris Lintott, "Why we need you to save science"
June 9, 2011Josh Frieman, "The Dark Universe"
May 14, 201173th Compton Lectures: Nahee Park, "99 years of discovery: What is our current picture of cosmic rays?"
April 18, 2011Cafe Scientifique: Dan Hooper, "Our Dark Cosmos"
April 8, 2011KICP open house for prospective graduate students
March 10 - 13, 2011KICP @ 2011 NSTA National Conference on Science Education "Celebrating the Joy of Science"
December 9, 2010Juan Collar, Rocky Kolb, and Carlos Wagner, "Chicago's Dark Matter: WIMPs of the Underground"
December 6, 2010Benjamin Dean Lecture: Josh Frieman, "The Dark Universe and the Origin of Structure"
December 5, 2010Michael Turner, Works of the Mind Lectures: How Many Universes?
December 4, 2010Physics with a Bang! & Ask a Scientist
November 18, 2010SAIC Lecture: Mike Gladders, "Cosmic Telescopes: Gravitational Lensing by The Most Massive Structures in the Universe"
October 28, 2010SAIC Lecture: Andrey Kravtsov, "Modeling the Universe"
October 21, 2010GLPA Conference: Randy Landsberg and Mark SubbaRao, "Cutting Edge Research Invades the Dome"
October 21, 2010GLPA Conference: Kumiko Kotera, Maria Monasor, and Benjamin Rouille d'Orfeuil, "Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays: A Few Grams of Matter in a Bright World"
October 15, 2010Charles Steidel, 2010 Gruber Prize winner: "Observations of Structure Formation in the Adolescent Universe"
May 10, 2010Dean Lecture: Angela Olinto, "Do Black Holes Play Ball? - Cosmic Messengers of the High Energy Universe "
April 19, 2010SAIC Lecture: Juan Collar, "Searching for Dark Matter in the Sewers of Chicago"
January 25, 2010Cafe Scientifique: Tom Crawford, "Cosmic Road Trip: From Chicago to the South Pole to Edge of the Universe"
November 10, 2009Michael Turner, The Dark Side of the Universe: Beyond stars and the starstuff we are made of"
October 28, 2009Hubble's Story with NASA Astronaut John Grunsfeld
October 19, 2009Cafe Scientifique: Kip Thorne, "The Warped Side of the Universe"
October 3 - December 12, 200970th Compton Lectures: Eric Switzer, "The physics of energy devices"
April 22, 2009Cafe Scientifique: Evalyn Gates, "Looking for Dark Matter through the Bottom of a Wine Glass"
April 4, 2009South Pole Telescope in 'Around the World in 80 Telescopes' webcast
April 3, 2009KICP open house for prospective graduate students
March 19 - 22, 2009KICP @ 2009 NSTA National Conference on Science Education "Celebrating the Year of Science"
March 9, 2009Cafe Scientifique: Angela Olinto, "Chasing Cosmic Bullets"
February 24, 2009Michael Turner, Rocky Kolb, and Joe Lykken: "The Dark Side of the Universe: Dark Matter and Dark Energy"
February 16, 2009John Carlstrom, "The Cosmic Microwave Background: Progress and Prospects"
February 16, 2009Scott Dodelson, "Gravitational Waves as a Probe of the Early Universe"
January 17, 2009Hsiao-Wen Chen and Michael Gladders, "Big Questions Big Glass Tour"
January 17, 2009Clem Pryke, "Viewing the Beginning of the Universe from the Bottom of the World"
October 4 - December 13, 200868th Compton Lectures: Brian Humensky, "Stars: Their Life and Afterlife"
September 15, 2008Cafe Scientifique: Juan Collar, "Searching for Cosmic Dark Matter in the Sewers of Chicago"
June 16, 2008Cafe Scientifique: Michael S. Turner, "The Dark Side: from Dark Energy and Dark Matter to Washington and Science Policy"
April 30, 2008Postal Service pays tribute to astronomer Edwin Hubble
April 5 - June 14, 200867th Compton Lectures: Kathryn Schaffer, "Seeing and Believing: Detection, Measurement, and Inference in Experimental Physics"
April 4, 2008KICP open house for prospective graduate students
March 27, 2008Randall Landsberg, "Catching Cosmic Monsters: Powerful & Rare"
January 12, 2008Josh Frieman, Mapping the Heavens: "The Universe Revealed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey"
December 17, 2007Cafe Scientifique: Clem Pryke, "The Biggest Map in the Universe - the Afterglow of the Big Bang"
December 7, 2007 - January 18, 2008South Pole Telescope Exploratorium Web cast
June 1, 2007John Carlstrom, "The South Pole Telescope"
April 15, 2007Bruce Winstein, Panofsky Prize Talk: "Measurements of Direct CP Violation in the Decays of Neutral Kaons at Fermilab"
March 30 - April 1, 2007KICP @ 2007 NSTA National Conference "A River of Connections"
March 28, 2007Cafe Scientifique: Stephan Meyer, "Measuring the Big Bang: Still Confused After All These Years"
January 13 - March 30, 2007South Pole Telescope Exploratorium Web cast, 2007
December 17, 2006Edward "Rocky" Kolb, "Einstein's Cosmic Legacy"
November 30, 2006Stephan S. Meyer, "The Cosmic Microwave Background: Light from the Big Bang"
November 25 - December 29, 2006South Pole Telescope Exploratorium Web cast, 2006
October 25 - 26, 2006KICP @ Great Lakes Planetarium Association Meeting
October 18, 2006Cafe Scientifique: Jeff McMahon, Icy Eye on the Infant Universe: Tales from an Antarctic Cosmologist
October 5, 2006Lee Smolin, Public lecture on his new book "The Trouble with Physics"
November 3, 2005Lawrence M. Krauss, Public Lecture on his book: "Hiding in the Mirror"
April 6 - June 15, 200255th Compton Lectures: Clem Pryke, "Sketching the Biggest Picture --- The Adventure of Experimental Cosmology"