Research Highlights
KICP Highlights

April 23, 2012The South Pole Telescope Measures Small-scale Structure of the Cosmic Microwave Background to Unprecedented Precision, by The SPT Team
December 15, 2010First QUIET CMB Polarization Results from the Atacama Desert, by Colin Bischoff, Alison Brizius, Immanuel Buder, Akito Kusaka, and Bruce Winstein (PI)
February 18, 2010Secondary anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background detected with the South Pole Telescope, by The SPT Team
February 17, 2010New Population of High-Redshift Star-Forming Galaxies Discovered with the South Pole Telescope, by The SPT group at KICP
November 24, 2009VERITAS Discovers Evidence for the Origin of Cosmic Rays, by Simon Swordy and Scott Wakely
November 19, 2009Last Scattering Surface of Primordial Neutrinos, by Scott Dodelson
April 3, 2009New insight into the growth of galaxies: Finding cold gas in massive dark matter halos, by Hsiao-Wen Chen and Jean-Rene Gauthier
January 7, 2009Galaxy clusters discovered with the South Pole Telescope, by the SPT group at KICP
September 23, 2008Cosmic Voids, by Jeremy Tinker
May 15, 2008Ground Breaking CMB Polarization Results from QUaD, by Clem Pryke
February 28, 2008A Century-Old Mystery Unveiled: The Most Energetic Particles to Reach Earth Come From Outside the Milky Way, by The Auger Group at KICP
February 14, 2008Dark Matter COUPP, by Juan Collar
February 12, 2008CAPMAP Announces Final Results: CMB Polarization at Small Angular Scales, by Bruce Winstein, Colin Bischoff, and Jeff McMahon
January 14, 2008KICP Space Explorers Study Cosmic Rays and Black Holes, by Randy Landsberg
May 23, 2007First season QUaD CMB temperature and polarization power spectra, by Clem Pryke
March 14, 2007A Walk Through the Dark Energy Forest: Dynamical Behavior of Generic Dark Energy Models, by Dragan Huterer and Hiranya Peiris
February 28, 2007South Pole Telescope to help astrophysicists learn what universe is made of, how it evolves, by Steve Koppes (University of Chicago News Office)
February 16, 2007First light for the South Pole Telescope, by John E. Carlstrom
January 29, 2007The Fall 2006 SDSS SN Campaign, by Joshua A. Frieman
June 16, 2006Galaxy evolution in cyber universe matches astronomical observations in fine detail, by Steve Koppes (University of Chicago Press Office)
March 21, 2006Hydrodynamical Simulations of Merging Galaxies with Supermassive Black Holes, by Stelios Kazantzidis
February 5, 2006Public Cosmology Panel Discussion, by Randall H. Landsberg
January 15, 2006SDSS-II Supernova Survey explodes with new findings, by Joshua A. Frieman
November 24, 2005Mysteries at Universe's Largest Observable Scales, by Dragan Huterer
November 23, 2005Analytical Models of Cosmic Accretion Shocks and the Role of Environment, by Vasiliki Pavlidou
June 15, 2005From 6th Grade to the CMB, by Sarah Hansen
June 1, 2005Modeling Formation of Galaxy Clusters, by Daisuke Nagai
May 13, 2005Our Universe and the Forward March of Time, by Jennifer Chen
October 20, 2004Sloan Digital Sky Survey uses gravitational lensing to compare the distributions, by Erin Sheldon
September 20, 2004Anatomy of a big stereo hybrid event from the Auger Observatory, by James Cronin
August 20, 2004A COUPP in the making, by Juan I. Collar
July 20, 2004Resolving the 'missing satellites problem', by Andrey Kravtsov