KICP Lectures, Talks, & Events, 2005
Lawrence M. Krauss, Public Lecture on his book: "Hiding in the Mirror"
November 3, 2005 | 7:00 PM | Oriental Institute-Breasted Hall,1155 E. 58th St.
In HIDING IN THE MIRROR: The Mysterious Allure of Extra Dimensions, From Plato to String Theory and Beyond Lawrence M. Krauss, one of the most gifted, literate, and engaging writer-scientists today, examines why scientists and humanists alike have often believed that the answers to the great questions about human existence lie in the possibility that we live in a universe more complex than we can see or otherwise sense. Drawing on work by scientists, mathematicians, artists, and writers, from Einstein to Weyl, to Duchamps to C. S. Lewis, HIDING IN THE MIRROR explores whether extra dimensions simply represent abstract speculation or hold the key to a deeper understanding of the universe. As Krauss explains, his goals include more closely linking science and culture on the one hand, and providing a 'fair and balanced treatment' of string theory - the source of most of the recent fascination with extra dimensions - and its successors, on the other, including topics that have been embraced - and sometimes misunderstood - by the general populace, from black holes to life in other dimensions.

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