Adam Anderson

KICP Associate fellow, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2015
Contact Information
Location: ERC 407
Email: adamafnal.gov
WWW: Web Site

I am an experimental physicist broadly interested in building superconducting detectors to study the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and search for dark matter. I recently built and commissioned the SPT-3G experiment on the South Pole Telescope, and I am currently analyzing data from its deep, high-resolution survey of 1,500 sq. deg. of the southern sky, which will improve constraints on inflation, dark energy, and neutrino properties with precision measurements of the CMB power spectra. I am also heavily involved in the design and planning for several future experiments. In the late 2020s, CMB-S4 will use 500,000 superconducting detectors to perform the definitive ground-based measurements of the CMB. In addition, we are developing new camera designs for the South Pole Telescope, using kinetic inductance detectors, to follow the completion of SPT-3G. Finally, in a previous life, I worked on direct detection of dark matter, mostly with the SuperCDMS experiment, and I maintain a latent interest in novel and exotic laboratory searches for dark matter.

Non-scientific interests include running marathons, baking bread, and Chicago literature.

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KICP Publications
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Latest Journal Publications
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Latest Conference Proceedings
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