Anne Gambrel

KICP Fellow

Ph.D. Princeton, 2018
Contact Information
Phone: (773) 702-4314
Location: ERC 427
Email: agambrelkicp.uchicago.edu

Ongoing Scientific Projects:

Talks, Lectures, & Workshops

KICP Publications

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "On-sky performance of the SPT-3G frequency-domain multiplexed readout", arXiv:1907.10947 (Jul 2019)
  2. "Performance of Al-Mn Transition-Edge Sensor Bolometers in SPT-3G", arXiv:1907.11976 (Jul 2019)

Current & Future Visitors:
  1. Emmanuel Fonseca, McGill University
  2. Carl Rodriguez, Harvard
  3. Emmanuel Schaan, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  4. Sarah Wellons, Northwestern University
Past Visitors:
  1. Susmita Adhikari, Stanford University (2019)