Chihway Chang

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., Stanford University, 2013
Contact Information
Phone: (773) 702-3369
Location: ERC 451
Email: chihwaykicp.uchicago.edu
WWW: Web Site

I work on weak gravitational lensing data in the Dark Energy Survey and different techniques in combining these measurements with other data sets such as the galaxy position and CMB lensing. I like to explore the weak lensing data in non-conventional ways to learn about cosmology as well as galaxy evolution. With a background in (LSST and DES) image simulations, I rely on various kinds of simulations in my work. On the side, I am interested in the prospects of HI intensity mapping in the future large radio projects.

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Past Visitors:
  1. Constance Mahony, UCL (2019)