Emil J. Martinec

Professor, University of Chicago

Ph.D., Cornell University, 1984
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Email: ejmartinuchicago.edu
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Theoretical physics, string theory, quantum field theory, elementary particles.

My work aims at uncovering the structural foundations of string theory (now often called M-theory), which attempts to unify the basic forces. The theoretical underpinnings of the subject are finally taking shape, due to the discovery of nonperturbative dualities between different descriptions of the theory. The spacetime manifold on which particles and waves propagate is being replaced by a more "stringy" notion of geometry at short distances and/or in strong fields.

One issue of interest to me is how string theory incorporates black holes as quantum states. This problem has turned out to be a rather sensitive probe of the theory, and will likely lead us to new notions of space, time, and dynamics. Cosmology also requires an understanding of the resolution of gravitational singularities, and I am investigating whether techniques used in the resolution of black hole singularities can be applied there.

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KICP Publications
2015 | 2013

Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Inflation physics from the cosmic microwave background and large scale structure", Astroparticle Physics, Volume 63, p. 55-65 (Mar 2015)
  2. "Perturbations in Chromo-Natural Inflation", Journal of High Energy Physics, Volume 2013, article id.87 (Sep 2013)
  3. "Gauge fields and inflation: Chiral gravitational waves, fluctuations, and the Lyth bound", Physical Review D, vol. 88, Issue 2, id. 021302 (Jul 2013)
  4. "Chern-Simons EM-flation", Journal of High Energy Physics, Volume 2013, article id. #27 (Feb 2013)