Jose Maria Ezquiaga

KICP and Einstein Fellow

Ph.D., Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, 2019
Contact Information
Location: ERC 411
Email: ezquiagakicp.uchicago.edu

Jose Maria Ezquiaga received his PhD from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. His research focuses on probing the pillars of the standard cosmological model with gravitational waves. As a KICP and Einstein Fellow, Jose will exploit LIGO's data to constrain the propagation of gravitational waves, the expansion of the Universe and the origin of the observed black-holes, anticipating as well how to improve such tests with the next generation of detectors, specially with the space antenna LISA.

Apart from thinking about the universe, Jose enjoys simple ground-based activities like outdoor sports, hanging out with friends and exploring Chicago with his bike.

Ongoing Scientific Projects: