Marcela Carena

KICP Senior member

Ph.D., University of Hamburg, 1989
Contact Information
Phone: (630) 840-4593
Location: PRC 335
Email: carenafnal.gov
WWW: Web Site

Professor Carena does theoretical research on collider phenomenology, detection of Higgs fields, supersymmetry, electroweak baryogenesis, dark matter, and extra dimensions.

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Latest Journal Publications
  1. "Higgs boson pair production at colliders: status and perspectives", arXiv:1910.00012 (Sep 2019)
  2. "Return of the WIMP: Missing energy signals and the Galactic Center excess", Physical Review D, Volume 100, Issue 5, id.055002 (Sep 2019)
  3. "Dark CP Violation and Gauged Lepton/Baryon Number for Electroweak Baryogenesis", arXiv:1908.04818 (Aug 2019)
  4. "The Return of the WIMP: Missing Energy Signals and the Galactic Center Excess", arXiv:1905.03768 (May 2019)
  5. "Electroweak Baryogenesis from Dark-Sector C P Violation", Physical Review Letters, Volume 122, Issue 20, id.201802 (May 2019)
  6. "A $pmb{
    u}$ Solution to the Strong CP Problem
    ", arXiv:1904.05360 (Apr 2019)
  7. "Higgs Physics at the HL-LHC and HE-LHC", arXiv:1902.00134 (Jan 2019)
  8. "{R}_{D^{(*)}} in custodial warped space", Journal of High Energy Physics, Volume 2018, Issue 12, article id. 43, 37 pp (Dec 2018)
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