Peter Barry

KICP Associate fellow, The University of Chicago

KICP Publications
2018 | 2017

  1. "Mexico-UK Sub-millimeter Camera for AsTronomy", arXiv:1806.10400 (Jun 2018)
    Edgar Castillo-Dominguez, Peter Ade, Peter Barry, Thom Brien, Simon Doyle, Daniel Ferrusca, Victor Gomez-Rivera, Peter Hargrave, Amber Hornsby, David Hughes, Phillip Mauskopf, Paul Moseley, Enzo Pascale, Abel Perez-Fajardo, Giampaolo Pisano, Samuel Rowe, Carole Tucker, Miguel Velazquez
  2. "Design and Performance of the Antenna-Coupled Lumped-Element Kinetic Inductance Detector", Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Online First (May 2018)
    P. S. Barry, S. Doyle, A. L. Hornsby, A. Kofman, E. Mayer, A. Nadolski, Q. Y. Tang, J. Vieira, E. Shirokoff
  3. "Fabrication of Antenna-Coupled KID Array for Cosmic Microwave Background Detection", Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Online First (May 2018)
    Q. Y. Tang, P. S. Barry, R. Basu Thakur, A. Kofman, A. Nadolski, J. Vieira, E. Shirokoff
  4. "Initial investigation into the susceptibility of antenna-coupled LEKIDs to two level system affects", arXiv:1801.07920 (Jan 2018)
    A. L. Hornsby, P. S. Barry, S. M. Doyle, Q. Y. Tang, E. Shirokoff
  1. "Simulating Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy measurements for Microwave Kinetic Inductance Devices", arXiv:1711.01192 (Nov 2017)
    Ritoban Basu Thakur, Jason Henning, Peter Stuart Barry, Erik Shirokoff, Qing Yang Tang