Research Highlight
January 29, 2007
The Fall 2006 SDSS SN Campaign
by Joshua A. Frieman

The Fall 2006 SDSS SN Campaign
The second of 3 time-domain campaigns for the SDSS Supernova Survey was carried out from Sep 1 to Nov 30, 2006. Candidate supernovae were identified in repeat SDSS imaging and were followed up spectroscopically on an array of telescopes around the world, including the Hobby Eberly Telescope in Texas, the South African Large Telescope, the Astrophysical Research Consortium telescope in New Mexico, the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma, the Hiltner Telescope at the MDM Observatory in Arizona, the Subaru and Keck telescopes in Hawaii, the Kitt Peak National Observatory telescope in Arizona, and the ESO New Technology Telescope in Chile. In total numbers, the Fall 2006 campaign was even more successful than the Fall 2005 season, yielding 192 spectroscopically confirmed supernovae of type Ia, the kind that are used for precise cosmological distance measurements. In the first two of its three Fall seasons, the SDSS Supernova Survey has discovered over 300 confirmed type Ia supernovae and smaller numbers of other supernova types. Analysis of this data is on-going; initial results were presented in a Special Session at the January 2007 meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle, and first science publications are expected in the early part of this year. <br /><br /> For more details on the Sloan Supernova Survey see <a href='ROOT/research/highlights/highlight_2006-01-15.html'>SDSS-II Supernova Survey explodes with new findings</a>.

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