Geza Gyuk

Director of Astronomy at the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum and a Senior Research Associate, University of Chicago

Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago
Contact Information
Phone: (773) 702-0480
Dr. Gyuk is interested in Cosmology and the structure of our galaxy. He is particularly interested in the galactic halos and the dark matter of which they consist. He is a member of MEGA, a worldwide collaboration to probe the halo of the Andromeda Galaxy using Gravitational Microlensing, a technique that uses the effect of gravity on light to study dark matter.

Dr. Gyuk's research work has focused on a broad range of activities including the effect of decaying neutrinos in primordial nucleosynthesis, exploration of the content and kinematics of the Galactic halo utilizing gravitational microlensing, searching for very old white dwarfs in the galactic halo, and the study of extra-solar planetary atmospheres. His current projects are directed to the characterization of main-belt asteroids and ultra high-energy gamma-ray astronomy.

Dr. Gyuk's outreach and education interests have been similarly broad. At the Adler his efforts have included working with show production and exhibit teams, teaching continuing education classes, working with education staff on program development and interacting with the media. Among his most exciting activities were his position as interim lead of the Adlerís Astronomy Connections team which provides teacher training in inquiry based astronomy education, leading the groups that developed the initial plans for the Cosmology Gallery and our Observing Experiences, and serving for three years as director of the Adler's summer program for high school students, Astro-Science Workshop. He is currently leading an effort to develop programs to give students, volunteers and visitors experience with hands on space exploration with high altitude balloons and pico-satellites.

Ongoing Scientific Projects:
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